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Book: America, Return to God (Second Edition)

“Return to me, and I will return to you, says the Lord Almighty.” – Malachi 3:7

Edited by Thomas Wang


Preface (Bill Gothard)
Introduction (Thomas Wang)

- America in Decline -

  1. Loss of Faith in America (Jim Nelson Black)
  2. "My People Have Changed, God"! (Thomas Wang)
  3. Banning Prayer in Public School Has Led to America's Demise (Gary Berge)
  4. 12 Principles that Are Leading Our Country to Ruin (Bill McCarthy)
  5. The Neo-Pagan Drift (Thomas Wang)
  6. The Hidden Agenda of Homosexual Politics (Erin Doherty)
  7. The Fall of the Family (Bill Tam)
  8. The ACLU (Coral Ridge Ministries)
  9. ACLU vs. America (Alan Sears and Craig Osten)
  10. When God Abandons a Nation (John MacArthur)

- Voice of the Youths -

  1. The Media: A Guiding Teacher (Josh Miller)
  2. Teenage Promiscuity in the United States  (Anna J. Wiersema)
  3. Speaking Out in Love: The Facts about Homosexuality (Danielle Myers)
  4. The Prevention of Abortion (Allie Wunderlich)

- America in Restoration -

  1. Repentance & Healing (II Chronicles 7:14)
  2. Repentance of Nineveh (Jonah 3:1-10)
  3. Christ's Words to His Church (Revelation 1-3)
  4. Knowing The Heart of God (Henry Blackaby, Norman Blackaby) 
  5. Speak Up!  (Jerry Falwell)
  6. The Debacle of Liberalism (Eternity)
  7. Prayer of National Repentance (Joe Wright)
  8. Christianizing America? (Dr. James Kennedy)
  9. Our Covenant for America's Second 400 Years! (The Assembly 2007)
  10. 12 Principles that Made America Great (Bill McCarthy)
  11. Has America Passed the Point of No Return?  (David R. Reagan)
  12. The United States in Bible Prophecy (David R. Reagan)
  13. How Can Revival Come? (Tim LaHaye)
  14. How We Can Win This War? (James Dobson)
  15. The Fight of the Day (Carl F. H. Henry)
  16. Ambush Alert – the Barbarians Are Here! (Thomas Wang)
  17. We Must Seek God (Erwin W. Lutzer)
  18. What Can We Learn From the 18th Century Awakenings? (Gerald McDermott)
  19. Which Way America? Up or Down? A Return to Our Roots (Bill McCarthy)
  20. Charles G. Finney – Spiritual Revivalist and Social Reformer (Jay Rogers)
  21. The Remaking of America (Gary DeMar)
  22. Ten Steps to Change America (David Barton)
  23. When the Foundations Are Destroyed (Gene Edward Weith Jr.)

Epilogue: Must History Repeat Itself ? (Thomas Wang)

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