America Reture to God Prayer Movement

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America Return to God Prayer Movement  

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--From Book: America, Return to God

Frankly, the silent Christian leaders of America are more responsible for the moral decadence and breakdown of the republic than any other contributing force.

Historically, do-nothing Christian leadership bears in part the responsibility for such atrocities as the Civil War and the holocaust of Jews in Germany.

In either case, the majority of churches were not vociferous enough on the sinfulness of these actions to bring the evil to a swift conclusion.

One of the results of the thousands of silent leaders regarding the sacredness of life is the Supreme Court's legalizing abortion or demand. Since the court's 1973 decision, over a million babies a year have been literally torn from the womb and thrown away as garbage. The horrors of this holocaust go unmentioned in most religious circles.

Those people who say, "I'm against abortion but I don't think you should have a law to stop it" are really saying the same thing as "I'm against slavery but if you want to have a slave that's up to you."

If an action is morally wrong and degrading to the civil and human rights of any person, then it should be against the law. Laws are made to protect human and civil rights, and Christians should not be afraid to say so.

- Jerry Falwell, Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church

(Selected excerpts from Christians in the Political Arena by Vernon McLellan. Reprinted with permission from Mary McLellan)



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