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After the Tragedy

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譚克誠Bill Tam By Bill Tam

As we are all traumatized by the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we want to pray for God’s healing and comfort to the victims’ family and the school workers.

This tragedy prompts us to think deeper, and our concerns and prayers should go far into mental health and society issues.  We see several causes of mass shootings in recent years.

Although guns are easy target to blame for such violence, most gun owners are not mass murderers.  The gunmen in recent shootings are mostly highly introvert and mentally sick young men.  It takes many years of emotional suffering for these individuals to commit such act of senseless violence.  To build up this level of anger and hatred toward themselves and others, their families, their schools and the government should all bear some responsibilities.  Here are some points we’d like to bring up for considerations and prayers.

  1. There are many broken marriages and their children are prime victims of mental suffering.  Please pray for them.
  2. There are many children growing up being neglected or bullied for being shy and quiet.  They are prone to mentally illnesses.  Please pray for them.
  3. 21st century children are heavily bombarded by the media in violent images.  Images of violent movies and TV shows and actual practice of shooting in video games are common in teen entertainment.  It is almost natural that they should express their anger through violence.  Pray for the media and entertainment industry.
  4. The statistics show that about 20% of Americans are suffering from some kind of mental disease.  The most prominent group of depression suffers are young people in their teens and twenties.  Pray that their parents see the need of getting them proper mental health treatment.
  5. Caring for mental health patients requires substantial funding.  However, most of the income of the states now is spent in paying for the salary and benefits of government workers.  Many mental health services have been cut and little help is given to the needy.  Please pray for the system change of government spending.
  6. The Bible and morality has been kicked out of schools in the US.  Many young men and women can’t find love in their families and in schools.  If they don’t go to church, they are vulnerable to the continuing despairing messages sent by the media.  Pray for the revival of the church and the change in government policy of Separation of Church and State.
  7. Gun control laws should be tightened to restrict assault weapons to be sold freely.  Please pray for the change in gun laws.


The author is the president of the Traditional Family Coalition.)

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