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Speaking Out in Love: The Facts about Homosexuality

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--Voice of the Youths (From Book: America, Return to God)

美國回歸真神禱告運動By Danielle Myers (Age 16)

When we received the wedding invitation, I realized that my aunt was a lesbian. I was quite young then, and my parents explained to me their relationship. I had met my aunt's friend before, at the Race for the Cure. She played with my sister and I and give us piggy-back rides. About a year later, we were invited to their house to see their children – a boy and a girl, twins, the children of my aunt and an anonymous donor. They were adorable, climbing up onto my lap with their colorful toys and opening their little mouths to receive bites of chocolate cake. But I couldn't help but Pray for them, as I walked out the door, and wondered, "When you grow up and find out why you don't have a daddy, will you be as confused as I am?" It isn't that I don't love my aunt. It's just that I can't support what they've chosen, because I know the facts. I know that the same-sex marriage and the homosexual lifestyle is not equal to that of traditional marriage, because it hurts the individuals involved, it hurts their children, and it hurts their society.

Homosexual couples may love their adopted children, but love is not sufficient, because children need both a mother and a father for healthy development. The role of a father cannot be replaced by two, albeit well-meaning, mothers. Having both a mother and a father provides a child with the chance to learn how to relate to and comfortably interact with both genders in an appropriate way.

A father is extremely important, because he provides his son with a positive male figure to identify with and look up to. A father teaches his son how to control his aggressive male behaviors in a way that a mother cannot. Fathers also give their daughters a chance to have the feminity affirmed in a loving, non-sexual relationship, avoiding the trap of inappropriate male attention. Mothers and fathers each bring certain qualities to a family that the opposite sex cannot provide, even with the best intentions.

It is clear that without these qualities, a homosexual couple is unequipped to properly raise a child. Children of homosexual couples who are the opposite sex of their parents are often insecure about their own self-image, because they lack the attention of the opposite sex in a healthy parental relationship. They also often feel excluded from their parent's world and friends, and many feel poorly about their own body and sexuality because their gender is considered less important.

Not only do these children have to suffer for their parents' behavior, the whole nation will eventually feel the effects of it. A society that legalizes same sex marriage on the basis of allowing any couple who loves each other to get married must face some tough questions.

If two people who are in love can marry, regardless of sex, what about someone who is in love with his sister, or his mother, or an animal? What about pedophiles, polygamists?

Legalizing same-sex marriage will threaten society at large. Right now in the USA, high schoolers can be disciplined for refusing to support gay rights assemblies and events at their school. Children as young as the second grade, are being taught in school that same-sex marriage is acceptable, and equivalent to traditional marriage. The parents have no say in this, though it should be a personal choice, based on a family's religious and moral values. Not only are the rights of parents in the rearing of their children threatened; religious rights are being threatened as well. If same-sex marriage is legalized, churches may not be allowed to teach from the Bible about homosexuality. This is completely against the principles that America was founded on.

Tragic, yes, but not unrealistic. Those who are against same-sex marriage are not homophobic or haters of homosexuals. They just know the facts, and the consequences.

I am speaking out because I love people, and I don't want them to get hurt. I don't want my aunt to die early; I don't want to see her son grow up and feel unaccepted, and I don't want to see her daughter grow up feeling inferior to her mother's partners. I don't want to grow up myself and have my children exposed to this lifestyle in their schools. So I have to speak now, before it's too late, before my chance is gone.

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