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America Return to God Prayer Movement  

We Must Seek God

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--From Book: America, Return to God

By Erwin W. Lutzer

"We do not know what to do. but our eyes are upon you." -2 Chronicles 20:12

IT'S GONE美國回歸真神禱告運動

Remember when Francis Schaeffer told us that some day we would wake up and find out the America we once knew was gone? That day is here.

We have crossed an invisible line, and there are no signs that we are capable of turning back. Like a boat caught in the mighty torrent of the Niagara River we are being swept along in a powerful cultural current that just might pull us over the brink.

Daily, perhaps hourly, we seem to be losing the war for America's heart and mind. We must understand the direction and speed of this cultural river that has spilled over and engulfed our land. Even though a majority of Americans oppose same-sex marriages, we might have centuries of laws overturned, not by the electorate but by judicial fiat. The battle is waged in our courtrooms, independent of the input of our citizenry.

We must use the opportunities at our disposal to stand against same-sex unions. We must do so individually and we must support pro-family organizations. We must and should become involved politically. But these methods just might be missing their intended target. Such measures might do much better than an inkwell thrown at the devil, but they in themselves will not reverse our cultural current.

The average evangelical thinks that God will always be on our side in our battle against same-sex marriage. However, in the Old Testament, God said these startling words to His chosen people:

"Yet they rebelled and grieved his Holy Spirit. So he turned and became their enemy, and he himself fought against them." -Isaiah 63: I0

In other words, there are times when God no longer takes up the cause of His people. When we refuse to repent of our own sins, God might refuse to come to our aid and let us be defeated. This is why we must turn to Him as families, as churches, and as individuals. Without repentance for our own sins, we cannot expect to win our cultural wars. I believe very deeply that only God can save us now.

Of course, we have always believed that only God can save us. But never have we needed His intervention so desperately; never before have we felt so helpless in the face of a massive national movement that it appears we cannot stop. And millions of middle-of-the-road Americans who have nothing to do with gays and the gay movement are lulled by the media rhetoric and misrepresentation. They think that we can "live and let live" as if homosexual marriages can exist along-side of traditional ones, each staying in their separate section of the boat we call America.

Ours is a battle that cannot be won by reason, scientific data, or dialogue. The radical homosexual movement that preaches tolerance will not itself tolerate alternate opinions. Everyone must move in lockstep with their agenda -- or pay a price.

I wonder what would happen if millions of believers set aside their schedules to seek God on behalf of this nation…

I wonder what would happen if privately and corporately we confessed our sins and turned away from our own idols....

I wonder if Perhaps God would intervene so the destruction of marriage and the forces that seek to tear our families apart would be stayed.

Eighteenth-century Britain was in such a state of decline that Parliament had to be dismissed in the middle of the day because too many of the members were in a drunken stupor. Children were abandoned to die and immorality was rampant. The knowledge of God had all but faded from view.

Mercifully, God reversed that trend through the Preaching of John Wesley and George Whitefield. Some historians believe that it was that revival that spared Britain the bloody fate of France, torn by violent revolution.

Please understand that God does not owe us such a deliverance. No nation has turned away from so much light in order to choose darkness. No nation has squandered as many opportunities as we have. We can only call on God for mercy, and if it pleases Him He will comet o our aid. We certainly cannot expect a revival simply because we do not want to face the harassment that well might comet o us all. But if we humble ourselves, weeping for this nation, God may yet intervene and restore decency to this crazed world. Most of all, we should pray that millions would be converted and belong to God forever. People change their minds only when God changes their hearts.

If we cannot weep before God, we are probably not fit to fight before men.

Only He can save us now.

(Excerpted from The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage. Published by Moody Publishers, Chicago, Illinois, 2004.Used with permission.)

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