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The Prevention of Abortion

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-- Voice of the Youths (from Book: America, Return to God)

美國回歸真神禱告運動By Allie Wunderlich (Age 16)

Julie Green, a 17 year old high school dropout from a small town in Colorado, meekly enters a small brick building. She is greeted by a short, middle aged woman who witnesses Julie's situation much too frequently. When asked if ready, the teen gives a slight nod and is escorted to a back room. After a short procedure bearing lifelong consequences, Julie exits the building with a heavy heart and a guilty conscience. She has just experienced her first abortion.

The above situation is occurring much too frequently in this day and age, and it is imperative that we, as citizens of the United States and the makers of the country's future, put a stop to it.

The government should be focusing lesson promotion of contraceptives to teenagers, and more on education about the consequences of premarital sex. There should also be more emphasis placed on adoption. Instead of promoting abortion, agencies should encourage and support adoption first and foremost.

There are various methods to lessen this epidemic. As mentioned previously, we should be placing more emphasis on the value of abstinence. Contraceptives can easily fail, but abstinence is 100% foolproof. We should be promoting the value of abstaining until marriage, which would not only prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also build marital trust within relationships. With contraceptives readily available, partners are free to have irresponsible sexual relations which lead to unwanted pregnancies and therefore to abortion.

Another method we should be using is censorship on television programs. If we focused our media on positive, morally sound programming, sexual relations outside of marriage wouldn’t be so acceptable and seen everyday by the public. People would be more apt to keep responsible relationships and therefore we would reduce the pregnancy rate. Reducing the pregnancy rate would lead to a reduced want for abortions.

Promoting family values is another way to reduce the need for abortions. Statistics show that teens who have strong emotional attachments to their parents are much less likely to become sexually active at an early age. Also, teens who have been raised by the same mother and father (together) since birth are less likely to have sex than teens who grow up in a different family situation. Just by reducing the sexual activity of teens, we can reduce the need for abortions.

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