America Reture to God Prayer Movement

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America Return to God Prayer Movement  

Epilogue: Must History Repeat Itself?

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-- From Book: America, Return to God

美國回歸真神禱告運動By Thomas Wang

In 1919, right after World War I, the Allied Forces in Europe captured a copy of a secret document, "Communists Rules for Revolution". Here are some of the excerpts:

1. Corrupt the young; get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial; destroy their toughness.

2. Control the media, all means of communications and publicity.

3. Get people's mind off their government, focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and trivialities.

4. Divide the people into hostile groups against each other by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

5. Destroy people's faith in their national leaders by holding them up for contempt, ridicule and distrust.

6. Always preach democracy, but seize power as fast and ruthless as possible.

7. Encourage civil disorder and foster a soft and lenient attitude on the part of the government (law and courts) toward such disorders.

(Above materials from Christians in the Political Arena, by Vernon McLellan)

Dear friends, do all of the above sound familiar? It is a sad but realistic picture of the political, social and religious landscape of America today.

Master planners of the other side are steadily reaching their goals as follow:

  1. Achieve to downfall of America – by steadily weakening her spiritual roots and moral fibers.
  2. Re-shape and re-constitute America into an atheistic and pagan country.

Must history repeat itself? Haven’t we learned enough? Does America have to go through judgment before repenting? “It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”(Heb. 10:31)

Let us re-remember the “Faith of Our Fathers”, let is confess our sins to our Lord Jesus Chhrist, and let us reclaim America to be God’s country again. Together, and by His grace, we can do it. This is the only way forward.

If our country survives – and I realize that’s a big IF – it will be because there is an awakening in the lives of committed Christians across our nation who finally begin to realize that it is not only their opportunity but also their absolute responsibility to be intricately involved in the political process of our country and to use that involvement to turn this nation once again to the Lord.

For much too long we have allowed our government to grow farther and farther away from the direction that God has always demanded our nation take. At the same time we have yielded the control of our country to a godless, secular, humanistic philosophy that has absolutely sapped the strength and spiritual vitality America has always had. Never before in the history of Christendom have so many believers been willing to forfeit their liberty and freedom without even putting up a struggle.

——Saints and Dirty politics, Richard Hogue

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